Termite Control

Keeping your Phoenix Valley home or business safe from termite destruction

Termites are responsible for millions of dollars worth of damage in the Phoenix Valley every year and your home or business could be next!

About Time Pest and Weed Control is the area’s industry-leading termite control specialist and our technicians can help to eliminate those pesky termites and address any potential damage they may have already caused.

Looking for termite control in Phoenix Valley? Contact us today to schedule your FREE initial inspection. We can help.

Termite Control


Our team of termite specialists has been leading the fight for termite control for years and we understand termite behavior. Our treatments and services are safe, effective, and affordable and are designed to provide immediate control of the various types of termites found in the Phoenix Valley and help provide long-term protection against any termite re-infestation.

Our termite specialists come armed with state-of-the-art technology, such as moisture meters, that help them identify areas associated with termite activity, helping to ensure no area of your home or business is left uncovered. In addition to controlling the termites, we have a team of experts that focus on addressing any structural damage associated with your termite infestation.


We work with residential, commercial and industrial clients!

Keeping your Phoenix Valley home or business safe from termite destruction


Our team understands termite behavior and just how damaging these pests can truly be to your home or business.

Our treatment plans focus on more than simply removing the pests, but also on restoring any termite damage and preventing the return of termites in the future.

When our experts arrive, you can expect:

  • Inspection
    Termite management begins with a thorough inspection to identify termites and termite activity, identify exclusion points of entry, and potential termite damage to your home or business.
    All identified structural damage is documented and shared with you, as well as repair recommendations.
    Once the inspection is complete, the technician develops a unique treatment plan to address the termite infestation, discusses the plan and options with you, and explains what you can expect as far as treatment time and end results.
    Technicians will implement the chosen treatment plan with safe and effective treatment solutions.
    Termites can cause extensive structural damage and after identification, our technicians can recommend our damage specialists to come in and quote for termite damage repair.
    In addition to our standard 30-day pest guarantee, you can add a 1-year extended warranty to ensure termites do not return. If they do, we will come back at no additional cost to you.

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No one wants to share their home with pests and our technicians understand this. Residential pest control begins with a comprehensive inspection and evaluation, looking for signs of pest activity and property damage. Our experts inspect your home, they create a comprehensive treatment plan to exterminate and remove the problem pests, address any home damage, and work with you to create a deterrent and pest management solution to keep your home pest-free.

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Pests in a commercial business can mean lost revenue our team understands the urgency when it comes to pest management. After initial inspection, our team gets straight to work to remove and exterminate the pests as quickly and safely as possible. For our commercial clients, we understand the problems pests create, so our main focus after clearing your business will focus on deterrents and keeping any unwanted pests from every returning.

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The best form of pest management and control is keeping them from every entering your property. We use our expertise to create a deterrent program for your specific property and pest concerns in order to prevent the entry of these pests and further infestations down the road. We address points of entry to determine exclusion points and help to establish a pest-free perimeter to your home or business, ensuring that there is nothing attracting these pests inside.

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Are you having a hard time opening your windows? Are you finding mud tubes outside along your foundation? Do the tiles on your floor appear loose? Are you experiencing peeling paint or discolored drywall?

Termites are known as silent killers and can cause significant damage to your home or business in a very short time period, costing you thousands of dollars. The minute you begin to see signs of a potential infestation, damage may already be occurring.

In fact, when it comes to termites, routine inspections and prevention is often the best way to avoid the costly damage they can cause.


Keeping your Phoenix Valley home or business safe from termite destruction